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Working life in the UK has seen many changes over the past decade. Businesses have had to and are continuously facing an ever-increasing rate of change in the workplace. A number of years ago statistics were in relatively short supply, yet today, almost on a daily basis, we read about the negative impact that stress and other problematic issues can have on business development and growth. Stress both at home and at work is increasing.

Managing this process is about strategy and tactics
. It is also about the way people - your employees - respond to, and cope with change. Not just the all too familiar knock-on effects of downsizing which many businesses experience, but also, on a longer term basis, understanding and capturing the complexity of inter-personal relationships and individual strengths and needs within the workplace in order that your business can achieve its objectives.

The introduction of a 'neutral' catalyst - the Coach, Counsellor, and Mentor – assists organisations in unravelling the complex inter-personal relationships which can occur in the workplace and which may be creating obstacles for growth and development.

How we work

Before any work is undertaken, we strongly recommend that a full, completely confidential consultation takes place to identify the direct people-related issues and the broader context in which they occur. Recommendations are then made - on a one to one basis, in workshops or a combination of both.

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